AdjCalc – Cost Optimizing Melt Correction

AdjCalc contains everything needed to correct an existing melt after an analysis has been performed.

The AdjCalc version has modules for:

  • AdjCalc – Adjustment Calculation
  • Info Server – Analytical result import
  • Database Admin – Product and Quality Configuration
  • Source Materials Admin – Source Material Database
  • AnaMan – Analysis Editor
  • System Utility – System Parameters
  • Dependent modules

When an analysis is saved on the spectrometer the result are automatically imported and the AdjCalc window opens. It is possible to configure the response that only selected results will be displayed. You can also have a computer at each furnace, configured to react only on relevant results. Once the melt is optimized the operator prints a weigh bill and loads the furnace.

The Database Maintenance module is used for setting all product and source material specifications such as Yield and Source groups, source limits and equations.