AdjCalc – Cost Optimizing Melt Correction

AdjCalc is a comprehensive tool that facilitates the correction of an already performed analysis in order to adjust an existing melt. It covers all the necessary aspects needed to ensure that the melt is corrected in an accurate and precise manner.

The AdjCalc version has modules for:

  • AdjCalc – Adjustment Calculation
  • Info Server – Analytical result import
  • Database Admin – Product and Quality Configuration
  • Source Materials Admin – Source Material Database
  • AnaMan – Analysis Editor
  • System Utility – System Parameters
  • Dependent modules

After saving an analysis on the spectrometer, the results are imported automatically and an AdjCalc window opens. You have the option to configure the response so that only specific results are displayed, and can even set up a computer at each furnace to react only to relevant results. Once the melt is optimized, the operator can print a weigh bill and load the furnace accordingly. These steps streamline the process and ensure accurate and efficient production.

In order to ensure accurate product and source material specifications, the Database Maintenance module can be utilized. This module allows for the setting of various parameters such as Yield and Source groups, source limits and equations, among others. By utilizing this module, you can ensure that your database is up-to-date and accurate, which can help improve overall efficiency and productivity.