How Efficient is Your Foundry?

Are you still relying on traditional methods like spreadsheets for charging and correcting melts? How do you juggle multiple source materials and trace elements while ensuring quality and efficiency?

Introducing ChargeCalc: a revolutionary software solution designed by leading metallurgists specifically for foundry operations. ChargeCalc is your answer to instant, precise calculations, optimizing material use, and slashing error rates.

Balance Quality with Cost-Effectiveness

Struggling with the trade-off between quality and expensive alloying materials? ChargeCalc’s sophisticated product and source materials database empowers you to optimize material use, balancing high quality with cost-effectiveness.

Enhance Efficiency and Save Energy

How much time and energy is lost in your smelting process due to melt adjustment or furnace idling? With ChargeCalc, reduce scrapped charges and pour-outs, and make a leap towards more efficient, energy-saving operations.

Make Your Operation Eco-Friendly

In today’s world, environmental responsibility is paramount. ChargeCalc aids in reducing waste and energy consumption, contributing to a greener, more sustainable operation.

Tailored to Your Foundry’s Needs

Whether you’re refining existing melts or creating new ones, ChargeCalc is scalable and designed for precision and stability. Compatible with major spectrometer brands, it integrates seamlessly into your workflow, enhancing everything from scheduling to pouring.

Discover the Potential of ChargeCalc

Is ChargeCalc the key to unlocking your foundry’s full potential? There’s only one way to find out. Join us for a fully supported trial and experience firsthand how our solution can revolutionize your operations.

Contact us today and step into a more efficient, cost-effective, and environmentally friendly future with ChargeCalc.