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The calculated correction contains all kinds of odd source material that does not make any sense.

No useful source material is defined or present in the selected source group and at least one element is above limit.
The program therefore takes any material that has no restriction for dilution. Always define a dilution source, may be virtual, if not used in real world.
By checking the option “Only sources with mainly opt elements” the risk of this phenomenon can be reduced.

Does not use quality data from the Spectrometer database.

The option: “Use Spectro Qualities” is not checked.
Should be checked for DBAdm, AdjCalc and ProdCalc.

Calculation is only performed on some qualities.

You are using different analysis programs in the spectrometer.
All used spectrometer programs must have automatic transmission of data enabled.

When saving changes in DBAdm, the program almost hangs.

Check that InfoServ is running and that InfoServ address is referring to the correct computer.
Use the tool: InfoServControl.exe.

SysUtil.exe does not show any tab for my application.

You must run a program at least one time before a tab is shown in SysUtil.exe.

The calculation always fails.

The most common problem is that you are out of source material.
Check the option:  “Options -Optimization – Skip Stock Limits” in SysUtil.exe.

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